Amberstone Watch

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Amberstone Watch is south of Excelsis.

Amberstone Watch is a Strongpoint constructed far to the south of the Free City of Excelsis.[1a]



The Sigmarite Strongpoint of Amberstone Watch was founded atop atop a confluence of leylines.[2a]


Though it was no meager target, it was close enough to the Morruk Hills that the Weeping Fangz could muster the strength of their allies. Though the defenders fought valiantly, the majority had been shorn of sleep for several nights by horrifying howls echoing from the Morruk Hills - a ploy to exhaust the defenders. No sooner had they conquered the settlement than the Swampcalla Shamans set about turning it into a more suitable lair, summoning clouds of shrouding bog-mist further laced with the mind-melting, acidic fumes of the shamans' mystical potion, and turning the town into a swamp. The Kruleboyz dubbed their new stronghold 'the Dripping Rock', where the setup about the process of poisoning the leylines and force all of Thondia to wither.[2a]

War at Amberstone Watch

With the threat imposed by the Kruleboyz with the creation of the Drowned Lands, a combined force of the Hammers of Sigmar and Auric Lions assembled to force out the Kruleboy orruks. With the last minute intervention by Yndrasta, the Stormcasts were able to push the greenskins out of Amberstone Watch. However the Orruks managed to contaminate enough arcane pathways to transfigure a swathe of Thondia into marshland, named the Drowned Lands. Yndrasta takes charge of a Dawnbringer Crusade to launch a counter-attack that resulted in the purging of three Kruleboy lairs in quick succession, lining her trophy halls with heads of greenskin despots.[2b]


The Hammers of Sigmar have made a point of rebuilding and fortifying the strongpoint so it can serve as a base for large groups of Freeguild and Stormcast scouts. The turnover in scouts is great, as they constantly risk their lives to track the continuous movements of the massive Orruk Warclans and particularly dangerous predators of Ghur that continually assault Excelsis and the Sigmarite Strongpoints across eastern Thondia. The original settlers of Amberstone Watch were completely annihilated by the Kruleboyz and the brave souls that have since relocated here all lost their homes, and many their families, during the Siege of Excelsis. Its ongoing existence is a defiant challenge to the Kruleboyz of the Morruk Hills; one they will doubtless answer in time.[3a]