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Amberglass is a valuable material found in the Realm of Ghur.[1a][2a]


The Skaven known as Ikrit the Ur-Rat attempted to make a copy of a Lord-Castellant lantern made of amberglass, warpstone, and bronze.[2a]


In the Realm of Ghur this substance is considered to be incredibly valuable.[1a][3a] In the Veins of Excelsis, the Free City's infamous slums, Reclaimed stricken with poverty will often consume their hard-earned glimmerings in the hopes of seeing even a hazy vision of the location of an amberglass deposit, with such wealth they could afford to move out of the slums.[3a] In the Free City of Izalend smugglers, in the employ of the Brotherhood of Larcenists, traffic large quantities of amberglass through the forest of Druichan.[1a]