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Amber Bones of Ghur

Amberbone, or Bones of Amber is the Realmstone of Ghur.


They looks like the fossilised remains of well-gnawed and cracked bones, that occurs in the rock of the realm. It is often mistaken for the real bones, unless inspected closely for its subtle amber glow and unusual heaviness that weights less like bone and more like rocks. They can be as small as the smallest shard of a mouse's skeleton or a finger bone, to largest found on the Realm's Edge that look like they came from a long-dead Godbeast.[1][2a] While Amberbone usually take the shape of the remains of various beasts human-shaped Amberbone can also be found.[3a]


There are many deposits of Amberbone scattered throughout the Krondspines mountain range.[4a]


Ghurish realmstone has the ability to transform people into and grant animalistic insticts. While it is unknown if it really originated from a living beast the appearance of the amberbone is more than cosmetic as it is easier to transform into the type of creature that the Amberstone is shaped after and this does not change even after the Amberbone is crafted to other tools.[3a]


Orruk magic-users such as Maniak Weirdnobs and Wurrgog Prophets often use Amberbones to make staves of amber bone or unusual piercings.[1][2a]. This allows them to unleash their natural strength by whirling their Amberbone tools. In addition they also feed the realmstone to their pets, generals and even gods to imbue them with primordial power.[3a]

Amberbone is sought by shamans and ambermantic sages for its ability to empower spells that transform casters into beasts, primal predatory versions of themselves or to unleash their hidden savagery.[1][2a] It is often crafted into jewellery or armour so even those with no ability to use magic can take on aspects of the beast. Users of Amberbone can use its power to clear their minds and enhance natural skills such as tracking, stalking, chasing, and pouncing on prey. [3a]

However, users of amberbones become increasingly restless and hungry as well as becoming frustrated as cannot find a reason for their actions. The changes are also affected by the shape of the amberbone for example a herdbeast’s amberbone will make the user stubborn and defensive, while a skittery prey animal makes them alert and suspicious. Physical changes such as horns, fur, and fangs may begin to appear when the user is under stress and recede after calming down. The awareness of the user will begin to recede until only the immediate feelings remain and memories will disappear eventually resulting in them abandoning civilisation, often obsessed with gathering and consuming amberbone. Those who fell into this path eventually become swollen with many adaptations becoming an apex predator that represents the brutal will of nature.[3a]


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