Amber Steppes

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The Amber Steppes now consist of rolling grass strewn hills and craggy expanses of battered stone mark the many fallen empires and kingdoms that the great Waaagh!s of Gorkamorka had broken and the servants of Chaos had finished off. By the time of the Age of Sigmar, only a few nomadic tribesmen called the grasslands home - the Vurm-tai nomads.[1]

Since the Age of Myth when they emerged from the depths beneath the Steppes, the Great Worms have criss-crossed its expanse, devouring all in their path whilst new civilisations were built on their backs.[2]

Lion Crag

Lion Crag is a fang-like splinter of rock rising from the Amber Steppes, the free-standing tower-like mesa resembling nothing so much as the jaw of a beast, with crooked turrets of stone, in place of teeth. It is hollowed through by curving tunnels and had been occupied, in one form or another, since the Age of Myth with its name changing to suit its owners.[1]

At the time of the Realmgate Wars it was called Wolf Crag and was claimed by the beastherds of the Wolf-Kings who raised a hundred Herdstones in the crag's shadow. The fortress was attacked by three warrior chambers of the Lions of Sigmar Stormhost, although they were decimated purging it of its bestial masters. Even as the forces of Azyr built their own defences, the Skaven had burrowed up from below and a new war was fought in the half-finished citadel.[1]

Although the Skaven are badly mauled and their tunnels collapsed, they are not fully banished from its depths by the time the Sigmarite forces retreat. More than a century after the gates of Azyr were reopened, Kretch Warpfang, Grand High Clawmaster of Clan Rictus builds a supply base at the crag for his army as it prepares to put Excelsis, the City of Secrets under siege. He also allows Warlock Engineer Quell, formerly of the Clan Skryre to build his Warp-wheel here.[1]