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Alzheer Nahazim is a warrior-priestess of Zi'Mar and a leader of the Sky Seeker tribe in the Realm of Ghur. [1]


A wiry, tall black haired woman – her hair shaved on one side and bound up by leather straps on the other. Her skin is tanned with many tattoos and ritual scars and her eyes are cold and grey. [1a] A lightning bolt tattoo reaches from her collarbone to just below her jaw. [1b]


In her youth she was taught to hunt and in particular the use of the bow, from both foot and horseback by her father. [1d]

In the Age of Sigmar she had taken a group of hunters to search for food and water, but found themselves pursued by a large band of Ironjawz. As they were about to be caught, they were saved by Stormcast Eternals under Lord-Celestant Thostos Bladestorm. [1b] She aided them in their campaign to capture the Manticore Realmgate, even saving the life of Thostos and earning his respect. [1c] Shortly after she slew the Chaos sorcerer Xos'Phet with the aid of Judicator Atrin and Retributor Callan. [1d]

Finally when both the followers of Khorne were defeated, the realmgate captured and the Ironjawz shattered and dispersed, she watched the Celestial Vindicators depart. [1e]


Zi'Mar, the Rage upon the Storm. It is he who guides our arrows. He who welcomes brave warriors home when they fall in battle. He who blesses the hunt. He is far from us, but his strength guides us still. I am his daughter, and his priestess.

~ Alzheer.[1b]


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