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An Alarith Stoneguard.

The Stoneguard are the warrior ranks of the Alarith of the Lumineth Realm-lords. They are sentinels, their job being to stand vigil over the mountain temples that form the bond between Lumineth and patron spirit. So strong is the connection between Stoneguard and patron is that the average member of the caste can stand immobile for years or even decades on end without food or drink, drawing nourishment from the mountain itself. Should a traveller approach the temple, however, their serene stance will quickly shift, blocking them from entering the sacred site and demanding their intent. If found lacking, the would-be traveller is forever barred from entering the temple, and if any fight is put up beyond this, they will be knocked out and unceremoniously thrown to the bottom of the mountain. [1]


To be initiated into the Stoneguard, a supplicant must study under their masters for years on end, perfecting the Stoneguard's signature aloof demeanour and honing their skills in combat. Any Aelf wanting to earn their patron's blessing has to endure a number of trials; fasting for months or enduring terrible storms on top of the mountains naked peak. When thought to be ready, the supplicant is taken to the peaks of the mountain and buried alive. Should the supplicant find themselves blessed, they will be able to breathe through the cracks. After a full week, if found worthy, they are granted the strenght to free themselfes and emerge as a true Stoneguard. Those found wanting instead are reclaimed by the mountain, their bodies returing to the fertile soil.[1][2a]


The warriors of the Alarith are known for their "Mountain Stance", in which they become essentially immovable - a headlong stampede of Rhinoxen would struggle to break through such a defence. When in offence, the Stoneguard are an all but irresistible force wielding their hammers with supreme grace, such that a strike with their weapon could shatter every bone in a target's body, scattering the enemy to the wind.[1]


They wield long-handed hammers, each of which bearing enchanted rock, that can shatter every bone in their foes bodies. Some amongst their number prefer to be armed with Diamondpick hammers, large diamond-cored pickhammers that, when wielded correctly, could shatter through material as hard as a Daemon Prince's armour.[1] In addition to their heavy, Stoneplate Armor, each Stoneguard wears large, cumbersome helmets, invoking the image of the revered Ymetrican Longhorn, as much as it trains their posture and balance.[2a]


Sometimes, an Alarith Stoneguard join a binding and becomes a Soulbound. These Aelementari have to balance their loyality to their patron Aelementor, and to those souls they are bound to. Some of these warriors come to see themselves as mediators between these two poles, working to improve the understanding each side has for the other, while others view their role as an agent of their mountain patron. As much as they are locked in place, the Stoneguard is free to travel the realms, opposing any threat before it can reach their home Realm of Hysh.[2a]


‘The question: how can there exist both an immovable object and an irresistible force? The answer: they must be one and the same.’

~The Initiate’s Riddle, a beginning Alarith trial.[2a]


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