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Akhelian Thrallmasters are the scouting raider-captains of the Idoneth armies. Made up of those Akhelians who chafe under their restrictive society or who have been exiled for some transgression, they lead Namarti hunting parties to locate potential targets for Idoneth soul-raids.[1a]


Most Thrallmasters were already somewhat idiosyncratic before they left behind (or were forced to leave) Akhelian society, and most appreciate their new freedom. While few see their Namarti charges as more than resources to be spent, they do appreciate that the Namarti do not, as a rule, question their orders - quite unlike other Akhelians.[1a]


To the Akhelians, the rank of Thrallmaster lacks prestige, and some Thrallmasters who are forced to take up the position consider it an insult. However, even the most insulted Thrallmaster enjoys that their duties often provide significant leverage over the lords of the enclaves; even a king must often rely on a Thrallmaster to locate good hunting grounds, and a skilled and cunning raider-captain can become a powerful figure in their enclave if they have the stomach to reenter the world of Akhelian politics.[1a]



Few Akhelians know as much about the realmseas as the Thrallmasters. Their travels have made them experts at reading currents and intuiting meaning from all manner of undersea phenomena. Many tattoo themselves with strange, seemingly unreadable markings that are actually coded sea-maps or tidal charts.[1a]


Thrallmasters' long years of voyaging away from their Akhelian peers results in them drifting away from the restrictive combat styles of Akhelian martial training. Whatever works is the order of the day, and they often collect an impressive arsenal of weapons and knowledge of combat styles. Lacking other sparring partners, they train their Namarti in these esoteric styles as well, resulting in a formation of exceptionally well-trained thralls who can imitate a number of the different combat styles favoured by their captain. The Thrallmaster, in turn, usually develops a very un-Akhelian, pragmatic fighting style that makes use of both their Namarti and the various esoteric weapons, such as the vaisurr bident and paired helsabres, that they have collected during their travels.[1a]

Many Thrallmasters take on Bond-Beasts to help defend themselves, with the vicious Snapjaw Eel being especially popular.[1a]



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