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Akhelian Riders on an Allopex

Akhelian Allopex is the name applied to a unit comprised of an Allopex, a deadly predator of the deep, and two Akhelian riders. On their own Allopexes are deadly predators, appearing to be nought but spectral blurs in the Ethersea, before savagely launching their attack. The Allopex is driven to feeding frenzies at the slightest smell of blood, being able to fit the majority of creatures in their massive jaws. Only the magic of Isharann Embailors can break the minds of the beasts enough to make them controllable.[1a][2][3a]


The beast's eyes are covered by a helmet, to facilitate control over the beast, and the rest of it is encased in heavy metal armor.[1a][2][3a]

In addition to their razor-edged teeth, that can slice through bone and metal, these Allopexes are equipped with razor sharp blades attached to their pectoral fins. On their backs there is a Harpoon Launcher, manned by one often the Akhellians, called a whispering death for the sound it makes when it fires it's bolts, that can fire either Razorshell bolts or Retarius nets. The former is effective at crowd control, while the latter is useful against singular foes.[1a][2][3a]


Two Akhelian, wearing heavy plate, with bare arms and wielding Barbed Hooks and Blades, are needed to take full advantage of this living siege weapon. One acts as the pilot, while the other mans the harpoon launcher. The Akhelian who mans the harpoon guns, denoted by their large crests, are typically novices who have yet to earn their place among the Akhelian Guard, who can rise among the ranks to become crew leaders or eel riders through proving themselves worthy in combat. The pilot, who has no crest on his helm to not block the vision of the gunner, wields the rein on one hand and a blade in the other to cut down any who escapes the maw of the Allopex.[1a][1b][2]

They can also be piloted by fully-fledged Akhelian Guards.[2][Note]



Conflicting sources

  • Note: The product description for the Akhellian Allopex in Games Workshop website refers to the crew as Akhellian Guards.[2] The battletome only refers to them as novices.[1]


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