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Ahazian Kel, Deathbringer, Scion of the Ekran, Walker of the Eightfold Path, kinslayer and regicide. [1]


He stands taller than most men, and his broad frame is clad in razor-edged plates of crimson and brass armour. His helmet curves upwards, coalescing into the rune of Khorne, marking his allegiance for all who wished to see. Heavy chains drape his form, their links decorated with barbs, hooks and the occasional scalp. [1][2]


His own people had worshipped Sigmar, before the coming of Khorne. They had cast captives and slaves into the fire by the hundreds, all in the name of the storm-god, but he had never so much as spoken to them. He preferred his people to be sheep, not wolves. And the Ekran, for all their faults, had most certainly been wolves. [2]

Ahazian Kel, last hero of the Ekran sought to become as one with war itself and he had given himself up to Khorne to do so. He had offered the blood of fellow kels in sacrifice, including that of Prince Cadacus who had come the closest to killing him. He had throttled his sister’s children in their cots, and his grandfather upon his throne. [2] One of those he killed was Cadoc Kel whose soul was taken by Sigmar and reforged into a Stormcast Eternal. [3]

Every eight years the surviving Kels still meet in the ruins of Ekran, to boast of their prowess, share tales of their victories, and match blades.[2]

He was given portents and signs in the bodies of defeated enemies to seek out the Road of Blades in the ruins of Caldus where the ancestors of the Horse-Lords of the Caldera had stood against the forces of Khorne. As he strode forth on the road created of the weapons of the slain defenders of Cladus, he encountered several other champions, also called to travel the road to the Soulmaw. He survived these encounters and was told of the search for the Eight Lamentations by his new patron, Volundr of Hesphut who had in ages past forged one of those legendary weapons – Marrowcutter. [1]

He was set on the path of Gung, the Spear of Shadows and arrived in the Ashen Lowlands of the Realm of Shyish to find a fragment of the spear, there he had a short skirmish with the vampire Adhema and some of her sisters. He fought his way clear and through a realmgate to the Realm of Ghur.[2]


As a champion of Khorne, Ahazian is extremely resilient, fast and strong – enough to match an ancient vampire in close combat and easily dispatch lesser foes. He normally bears two weapons: a Goreaxe once wielded by Anhur, the Scarlet Lord, Anhur of the Black Axe – and a Skullhammer both of whose thorny hafts sink into his own flesh when he wields them. [1]

Like many followers of the blood-god, he gains sustanance where he can and happily consumes the flesh of man or orruk for instance, and he enjoys the taste of the latter which he acquired in his youth in Ashdwell . Usually he works alone but will on occasion allow bloodreavers or other minions of Khorne to accompany him if it serves his purpose. [2]


Straightforward, pragmatic and driven, he is intelligent and not without a sense of humour and also retains some degree of honour, claiming that his word as a kel is as iron itself. He appreciates a good steed and often is almost kind to horses and similar beasts.[1][2]


Is that all you’ve got? I am a Kel of the Ekran, leeches. I was weaned on blood, and my lullaby was the clash of swords. I am war itself, and no creature, dead or alive, can stand against me.

~ Ahazian Kel to Adhema and her blood-sisters.[2]


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