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Queen Ahalaset was a soulblight vampire who ruled the city of Mortannis in the Realm of Shyish[1]


Her cheekbones were high, her eyes proud and she greeted Queen Neferata in brilliant green robes shimmering with silver thread into which were woven the designs of scores of coats of arms which confirmed her prowess in battle.[1]


She ruled the city through the Age of Chaos and led her armies in many campaigns and to survive the invaders formed an alliance with the neighbouring city state of Nachtwache the success of which later disturbed her other neighbour, Queen Neferata when the Age ended. [1]


As an ancient vampire she is extremely strong and fast as well as being able to heal quickly from wounds. A skilled warrior who led her armies in battle.[1]


You will find in there my personal choice of slaves. They have been curated for the quality of their blood. They come from the same families whose lives you have just tasted. Should you wish to savour their delicacies…?

~ Ahalaset to Neferata.[1]


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