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The purpose of this page is a task-list to help with getting the lexi up-to-date with Age of Sigmar content. For an earlier attempt see: Lexicanum:Age of Sigmar sources.

Use the discussion page if you want to discuss.

List of Priorities

  • Completely separate settings, creating an article for each creature, character, race and object that share the same name across settings. Do the same for categories. Will start this on the 26th.
  • Set up the main articles that will lead to all others.
    • Mortal Realms: Needs images, more general background on the realms and maybe some more bit of history.
    • Great Epochs: Needs a bit more story on Age of Sigmar section.
  • Main Army Articles that will establish the factions. Use Battletomes and Grand Alliance Books.
  • Individual Mortal Realms, Gods, Races and Great Epochs Articles. See below.
  • Realmgate Wars: Needs everything since this is the first Campaign.
  • Everything Else: Characters, Creatures, Events, Locations, Units...

Links to Content to add

1st Project: History of the Mortal Realms

The first project is to establish the very basic of the history of the Mortal Realms in some very important articles. It's important we get the very basics done before the Soul Wars Campaign.

  • Great Epochs: Add a summary of the Realmgate Wars campaign and the aftermath.
    • Age of Myth: Sufficiently developed. Keep adding more events.
    • Age of Chaos: Sufficiently developed. Keep adding more events.
    • Age of Sigmar: Add a summary of the Realmgate Wars campaign and the aftermath.
      • Realmgate Wars: Complete the article and organize the events by sub-campaigns. Balance of Power dumped. Requires Might Battles, Quest for Ghal Maraz, Godbeasts and the All-Points.
  • Mortal Realms: Summary mostly done, it just misses the ending and the aftermath.
  • Characters: Develop the history of the most important characters.
    • Sigmar: Mighty Battles: Needs more stuff. Add Closing off azyr, creation of the Stormcast, realmgate wars and aftermath.
    • Dracothion: Quest for Ghal Maraz: Add interactions during the Heldenhammer Crusade
    • Alarielle: I don't think there's anything else to add.
    • Grungni: I don't think there's anything else to add.
    • Grimnir: I don't think there's anything else to add.
    • Tyrion: I don't think there's anything else to add.
    • Teclis: I don't think there's anything else to add.
    • Malerion: I don't think there's anything else to add.
    • Nagash: Mighty Battles: Add wars of the Dead. Add wars of the heavens and the underworlds
    • Gorkamorka: Grand Alliance Destruction: Add interactions with Great Maw and Sun-Eater.
    • Khorne: All: Add Mortal Realms events.
    • Tzeentch: All: Add Mortal Realms events.
    • Nurgle: All: Add Mortal Realms events.
    • Slaanesh: I don't think there's anything else to add on the Mortal Realms. It could use Slaanesh kidnapping Morathi from end times.
    • Great Horned Rat: Add archaon spitting on him.
    • Archaon
    • Gordrakk
    • Korghos Khul
    • Vandus Hammerhand
    • Neferata
    • Mannfred
    • Arkhan

General Articles


There are a bunch of timelines spread about each battletome containing tons of information that can used to create a lot of articles:

  • Done: BT:Khorne Bloodbound, BT:Stormcast Eternals (2015), BT:Seraphon, BT:Everchosen.

Mortal Realms

The Mortal Realms pages are divided into three sections.

The first is the general Mortal Realms article, which is the most important of them all since it can be used as a regular intro to the rest of the setting. What needs to be improved in this article is:

  • Improve the description of each Mortal Realm by adding more description and Detail into it.
  • Add an main image to each realm, if possible.
  • Add to the general history section of the realms, especially after the start of the age of sigmar with general info on the realmgate wars and how it ended.

The second is each individual Mortal Realm article, each of them in different levels of progress. Currently it has one specific format, but we should discuss how we could improve upon it and if these page actually need source in most of it since it's mostly lists:

  • I moved all the Unsourced Statements into the discussion page of each Mortal Realm. Go over them and check for any mistake.
  • Realm of Aqshy: Add History. Fix Flameworld section
  • Realm of Azyr: Fix Flora and Fauna.
  • Realm of Chamon: Add History.
  • Realm of Ghur: none
  • Realm of Ghyran: Improve history. Add Inhabitants, flora and Fauna.
  • Realm of Hysh: Add Age of Sigmar events.
  • Realm of Shyish: Add Age of Chaos.
  • Realm of Ulgu: Add Age of Sigmar events.
  • Realm of Chaos: Needs work on old citations, and adding info on Slaanesh domain, Nurgle domain and other minor places. Varanspire and Blight city need to have their own articles.

Third is individual locations within the Mortal Realms themselves. Most of them will be short and have little info. The important thing is that they have the proper category telling from which realm they come. And that if they are part of another larger region, it should be included in that region article. good example of this is the Transient Isles article.

Great Epochs

The individual Great Epochs pages need heavy development as besides the into there is very little info on them. They need more information on individual events and campaigns that happened during these times.

  • Age of Myth: Sufficiently developed. Keep adding more events.
  • Age of Chaos: Sufficiently developed. Keep adding more events.
  • Age of Sigmar: Add Realmgate Wars campaign and Season of War summaries.


Everything from the army section is where the most content will be needed to work on:

  • Individual army pages need more content from the Battletomes and Grand Alliance books - Best Example: Flesh-Eater Courts
  • Armoury which needs equipment described in the warscroll and lore and artefacts used in allegiance abilities - Best Example: Fyreslayers Armoury
  • A spell lore page containing all the spells and prayers a army might have - Best Example: Lore of the Savage Waaagh!
  • A list of characters that can be easily integrated into the rest - Best Example: List of Skaven Verminus characters


Some templates require further work from someone that knows how to really do this and is more color coordinated. We also need to choose the color for the tables of each faction.

Mortal Realms and other locations
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Sapient Races of the Mortal Realms
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