Aethervoid Pendulum

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The Aethervoid Pendulum, also known as the Hanging Blade is a predatory Endless Spell, the most common in all the Mortal Realms, not tied to any specific realm that manifests as a blade-tipped pendulum that cuts through armour, flesh, and even the fabric of the realms themselves with equal ease. This spectral executioner resembles the clockwork part of the Ironweld Arsenal's machines in the Free Cities trailed by aetherflames, the wisps of arcane energies that summoned it.[1a][1b][2][3]


With a dread invocation, the fabric of reality is torn as a reaper's blade swings suddenly into existence from the void.[2]

Because of it's colourless nature, it will take a different hue depending on the circumstances of it's manifestations. Although originally only a theory, the Eldritch Council has managed to confirm that whenever a pendulum is summoned in one of the Mortal Realms, another seven Aethervoid Pendulums will form, one in each of the Mortal Realms. This duplication phenomenon is the reason why this Endless Spell is the most common in all the realms.[1b]


Just as the spell is solidifying it begins to scythe back and forth. It moves with a measured regularity without zeal or malice, fundamentally like the fearful inevitability of time, monotonous and repeating endlessly, like a metronome of mortality, the spell maintains its eternal rhythm, each sweep as regular as the last, leaving a red pattern of ruin as it goes. As it does it will slowly drift across the battlefield, the hissing of the blade becoming louder and unnerving the closer it is.[1b]

The heavy sweeps of the pendulum's blade slice through all, sending showers of gore, lopped-off limbs an decapitated heads with each swing, it's sibilant swish drowned by sounds of it shearing through armor and shield and the screams of the dying. It doesn't matter if it's armour, flesh or the fabric of reality, it cuts all with ease, whetever that is hacking through heavily armoured Stormcast Eternals, or shearing off a Stonehorn's foreleg, the velocity of the pendulum is never slowed or altered. [1b][2]


Name Color Type Description

Phantom Blade Unaligned Aethervoid Pendulum A Pendulum in Ulgu surrounded by pure shadow-magic, rendering it all but invisible in the fog.