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An Aetheric Navigator.

Aetheric Navigators are members of the Nav-League, aero-cartographers, atmospheric mapmakers of the Kharadron Overlords that often accompany sky-fleets in their journeys.[1a]


Aetheric Navigator help chart courses, find currents and steer along perilous trade routes. They use a wide variety of multispectral ocular lenses, each attuned to the ever-shifting winds of magic to identify a variety of aetheric phenomena including hazards such as barometric eddies and electro-aetheric vortices. They can also influence the winds to gain the weather gauge, speed up their fleet or slow down flying foes.[1a]

While lacking any magic power, their strange science provides an effective counter to enemy wizards. By manipulating the winds of the realms linked to the flow of magic they can smother attacks by the enemies.[1a]


For more information see: Aethercraft

In addition to their many pieces of equipment used for manipulating the winds, they carry a Voidstone Orb, a Ranging Pistol for self-defence and their Zephyrscope can be used as an improvised melee weapon.[1a]




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