Aetheric Alkahest

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Aetheric Alkahest also called aether-ignis is a magical talisman with the power of transmutation created by metallurgists in the Spiral Crux before the Age of Chaos [1a][1b]


The Aetheric Alkahest is a catalyst for transmutation and when used with a furnace that can maintain high temperatures it can be used to change matter. However it can also act as an addictive drug that fuels the user's ambitions to the point of self-destruction and only those tempered by humility could use its power successfully.[1b][1c]

It is also extremely durable and cannot be easily destroyed or even change shape.[1c]


  • One was brought by a member of the Dawnbringer Crusade that created the Ardent Keep and was used by Cogsmith Kolgrimm Kragsson. Despite the effects causing him to be overextravagant leading to delayed construction of defenses it would eventually help them build a massive settlement after the original was destroyed in battle with Kruleboyz and the Cogsmith became more humble. [1c][1d]