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The Aetherguard is a famed military force of Tempest's Eye comprised of Human and Aelven scouts, oft regarded as being the best in the Great Parch.[2a]


Their commanders are known as Aetherguard Captains.[1a]


The Aetherguard act as scouts and outsiders for the Free City of Tempest's Eye travelling far and wide on missions to aid the Forces of Order. They are also known for employing hit-and-run tactics against their foes, their Captains even being renowned masters of such warfare.[1a][2a]


They maintain armoured watchtowers and Swifthawk rookeries all across the Talons, four peaks that surround the Titanspear Mountain, upon which the Free City of Tempest's Eye is found.[2a]


Cold steel on cold wind.

Motto of the Aetherguard.[3b]

Known Members