Aether War (boxed set)

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Aether War
Aether War cover.jpg
Released 2020
Pages 41

Aether War (boxed set) was a boxed set and campaign pack set in the Realm of Chamon during the Age of Sigmar.[1]


The Spiral Crux was once a paradise created by Grungni but was brutally transformed by the arrival of the rampaging Godbeast the Lode-Griffon. It was slain in the Age of Chaos but the legions of Tzeentch claimed the area, being able to withstand the strange sorcerous atmosphere. Now following the Necroquake, the Kharadron Overlords are exploring further and with new technology can venture into regions that were once impossible in search of aether-gold. [1]

As Barak-Nar itself approaches the area, Magister Ab-het prepares a great ritual to devastate the the duardin fleets, but the arrival of the Ironclad Intrepid is a concern as war erupts between the followers of Tzeentch and the airships of the Overlords. [1]


The box set contains two complete forces: