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An Aether-gold Refinery under attack.

Most kharadron settlements house aether-gold refineries. Furthermore, aether-gold refineries are assembled in regions with considerable amounts of aether-gold.[2a] These can be held aloft by endrin-arrays or supported by great pillars.[2a]

These strategically located refineries allow the Kharadron Overlords to refine the gas near extraction zones, therefore making the aether-gold easier and safer to transport.[1a]


Aether-gold refineries are used to condense, distil and refine raw aether-gold.[1a][1c]

Monitored by metallurgists from the Endrineers Guild and Aether-Khemists Guild, the transmutation process begins with the liquefaction of gaseous aether-gold.[1a] The substance is then poured into moulds to form aether-gold ingots.[1b]


Gigantic furnaces with their gateway sealed by immense metal doors are linked to grand metal tanks by a confusing amount of pipes and tubes. These containers hold the chemicals and propellants that fed the alchemical flames of the furnaces. A swarm of chains hanging from the ceiling hold great cauldrons and shallow iron kettles are fixed to steel rails set into the roof. Expertly placed flues and chimneys maximise the suction of the ovens and clear away caustic fumes.[1b]

Moulds shaped from granite and basalt are used to receive the molten aether-gold exiting the furnaces.[1b]

Systems of smaller forges are used to refine more delicate ores. Aetheric bellows and titanic gas-hammers lay around the industrial workplace.[1b]

Known Aether-gold Refineries


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