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Aether-Khemists are members of the Aether-Khemists Guild of the Kharadron Overlords. These alchemical experts are often hired at great expense by Arkanaut Admirals to accompany their sky-fleets due to their skill at sniffing out aether-gold veins almost always resulting in a greater return of investment.[1a]


Their primary roles are those of prospectors and arcane scientists that search and assess airborne resources, mainly aether-gold. However, Aether-Khemists are trained for battle and their equipment can double as deadly weapons or improve the power of Aethermatic weapons wielded by allies. [1a]

They are notable amongst the Kharadron as they seek knowledge as much, or perhaps even more, than profit and consider discovering new properties or potential uses of aether-gold the only true endeavours of worth. Some, seeking a way to become immune to the madness that aether-gold can provoke, become Soulbound to enable them to work even more closely with the material.[2a]


For more information see: Aethercraft

Atmospheric Anatomisers are used for harvesting and assessing airborne resources but can also vacuum away a foe's breathable air or spray pressurised gouts of lethal chemical gases in a deafening blast known as the ‘Roar of Grungni’. In addition, it can unleash a shimmering golden cloud of chem-fog that boosts the effectiveness of nearby aetheric weapons.[1a]


I'll tell you, lass, the hardest part of making a claim is keeping just enough fingers in the jar to get it quick but still have a big enough share to keep your beard clean

~ Khudrukk Bronzehand of the Black Eagle.[2a]




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