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This page contains spoilers for: Heart of Winter (novella)

The Aerchhoi are a Sylvaneth clan of the Dreadwood Glade that inhabited the ancient Druichan Forest near the newly founded city of Izalend in the Realm of Ghur. [1]

They guarded the Heart of Winter and hang the corpses of interlopers on their borders. [1b]


In the Age of Sigmar a Wanderers clan from the Realm of Azyr tried to establish a new home in their forest. They tried to scare them away, but when they refused to leave they slaughtered all of them with only the Waywatcher Gallanglaen surviving. [1a]

Later in the Age, he was enlisted by the corsair Arika Zenthe to obtain the Heart of Winter and hoped to gain vengeance on the Sylvaneth in the process. When she finally claimed it, seeling away its magic in a nullstone box, the glacier at the heart of their domain collapsed – apparently destroying many, perhaps all of the clan. [1b]


So few of us left. And still you seek to drive us from our lands. To destroy the last, frail seeds of the Rimewood. To steal away the tear of Our Lady, all that connects us to the spirit-song. Invader. Murderer. I will entomb you in the frozen wastes for a thousand years.

~ Aerchhoi Branchwych to Arika Zenthe.[1b]


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