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Aemorthis is an Akhelian King of the Idoneth Deepkin.[1]

In the Time of Tribulations, he came to the aid of a force of Stormcast of the Hammers of Sigmar who had been ambushed by a horde of undead that emerged from the grave-pits around the town of Shaleview.[1]

He greeted Lord-Aquilor Khamastus Lightningfist but to his irritation, the Stormcast did not remember him. However, the two forces joined together to defeat the risen dead. [1]


No matter. The tide turns swift and we must ride upon it lest victory be swept from our gasp. Lord-Aquilor, we are of the Idoneth and we have fought at your side before, by the dictates of the secret alliance between our peoples and your lord Sigmar. Will you stare at us like apparitions of nightmare, or will you fight with us to drive back the dead?

~ Aemorthis.[1]


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