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Each sky-port is governed by an Admirals Council,[1a] to which the various guilds present in the sky-port are beholden.[3a] While becoming one such councillor is the goal of the majority of Kharadrons, only the most successful ones ever earn a seat on the Admiralty[4a] of any given sky-port.[1a]


Every Councillor of an Admiralty possesses a singular vote which they can use on various matters regarding their sky-port, though each known Admirals Council nominates a first among equals.[3e] This specific Admiral is often referred to as Prime Admiral[3b] or Grand Admiral of the Council[1b]. The Prime Admiral normally sits in the center of the council chamber[3e], enacts the opening statement of council's meetings,[3c] and dismiss those same sessions.[3d]

The powers of the Prime Admiral are limited, however, since every member of an Admirals Council may, if they are seconded by one of their peers, push a vote if they disagree with a decision made by the Prime Admiral.[3b]

In the occasion that the Admirals Council is unable to come to a majority consensus regarding commercial matters, the deciding vote shall be provided by the Lord-Magnate with the largest contribution in aether-gold shares over the last wind cycle.[2a]


Within its jurisdiction, an Admiralty notably manages all commercial activity, approves raids and expeditions, manages disputes and dispenses punishment when the Kharadron Code is broken.[3f] This political body is also responsible for assembling sky-fleets by distributing the various charters required.[1c] The Admiralties also interpret and enforce various tenets of the Kharadron Code, such as the nature of the physical examinations taking place during the Musterpress.[2a]

It is only upon a majority vote from the Councillors of their sky-port that a Captain may gain the title of Admiral.[2d] The final hearing in front of the Admiralty serving to confirm that the candidate possesses sufficient knowledge of the Code, shipcraft and military theory.[2d]


Since wealth is most commonly found through the sky-fleets, the Admiralties tends to be comprised of the most successful officers of said sky-fleets.[2c] One does not have to be born on a sky-port to become a member of its Admirals Council.[3e] In the highly meritocratic kharadron society a council member is ultimately considered due to a combination of his or her innate talent, professional record and potential for increasing the profits of the sky-port.[2b]

Due to their position amongst the top ten percent of earners within the sky-port, Lord-Magnates are amongst those considered to replace any fallen, deceased or incapacitated members of the Admiralty.[2a]

Location within a sky-port

The Admirals Council gathers at the nexus of government of a sky-port.[2e] Typically situated at an elevated location in the center of the sky-port and amidst a wondrous plaza district portraying the city’s proudest military and economic achievements.[2e] It is there that the dual businesses of profit and war are debated. No more than a handful of outsiders have ever been granted access to these closely-guarded quarters, but they speak of vast and imposing chambers echoing to the bellicose sounds of Kharadron politics, and populated by minor armies of runescribes and dignitaries.[2e]


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