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Aderphi is the Chief Librarian of the Grand Library of Sigmaron[1a]

By the end of the Time of Tribulations he was old and seemed all but swallowed up by his blue priests robes and chains of office. His skin is skin and has many faded, celestial tattoos in the fashion of the Sword-Clans of the Caelum Desert whilst his hands and cheeks bear the scars of battle. He had famously come to the Grand Library of Sigmaron as a novice, hands still stained with blood and a heart full of fire.


I trust I am not disturbing you. Ah. The Guelphic Cipher. A stubborn opponent, I’m told……You were studying it the day I took up my post here, as a mere novice. Still not cracked it, then, my lord?

~ Aderphi to Balthas Arum.[1a]


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