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Titles The Weeping Sage [1a]
Domains Truth [1a]
Type Lesser God [1a]
Status Confined to a statue[1a]
Home Lyceum of Radiance in the Realm of Hysh[1a]
Affiliation Order [1a]

Adembi, the Weeping Sage, is a Lesser God of Truth in the Realm of Hysh. [1a]


In the Age of Myth, Adembi gave his council to the both the Septarchy and the Grand Luminance of the Seven Cities but his body was destroyed in a celestial conflict, forcing him to take refuge in a statue in the halls of Lyceum of Radiance.[1a]

The marble of his new form remained warm, with much of his remaining power contained in realmstone tears set into the cheek of the statue. Thus contained, he was still able to verify oaths, with any promise made before him being binding with oath breakers ejected from the Realm. Adembi would also truthfully answer questions put to him in good faith. [1a]

However a Skaven infiltrated the halls in which he stood via a Gnawhole and managed to steal a tear before he was struck down but the tear was gone, taken by its fleeing soul into the Skaven underworld. The god fell silent and it was confirmed that he would only speak again to confirm the oath of one that would retrieve the stolen tear and the part of the deities essence it contained. [1a]

As the decades passed it became a tradition for students to gather at his feet and make oaths of friendship, love or ambition, often whilst drinking, safe in the knowledge he would not confirm them. It was not until Pludu Quasque, full of anger, wine and jealousy, and to the horror of those present pledged to retrieve the stolen tear, that the god spoke. [1a]

The Student accepted his task and began a quest that would see him become powerful sorcerer at great cost and the location of the jewel in the afterlife of the Skaven, Ruin. [1a]


The Oath is judged fitting! The Oath is accepted. Pludu Quasque shall return my tear unto me, so I, Adembi, ratify.

~Adembi .[1a]


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