Adamantine Chain

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Map of Aridian.

The Adamantine Chain is an expansive mountain range that forms a semicircle around the Aridian region of the Great Parch, forming its northern and eastern borders.[1a]


Age of Myth

During the Age of Myth innumerable human tribes lived in the foothills of the Adamantine Chain and Duardin residing in great karaks within the mountains themselves.[1a]

Age of Chaos

During this apocalyptic age the human tribes of Capilaria were wiped out and those in Aridian either fell to Chaos or survived only by allying with Vostargi Mont or Grimnir's Firehold. Many of the duardin living in the Chain itself were forced to flee to Azyr and some of those that remained turned to a dark god.[1a]

With the original inhabitants of the region gone or turned to Chaos, the Adamantine Chain became the domain of Bloodbound tribes, the Duardin of Forge Anathema, and the insidious Skaven.[1a]

Age of Sigmar

The ravages of the Age of Chaos would not be the end of the conflicts that plagued the Adamantine Chain, as the dawn of the Age of Sigmar brought ever more war to the foothills and peaks of the mountain range. Returning clans of Duardin now fight to retake their karaks from the insidious Skaven who currently reside within the Adamantine Chain.[1a]


The Adamantine Chain is comprised of many active volcanoes, the ash and smoke from these volcanoes can cover thousands of square miles surrounding the Chain. The mountains are massive enough that they can be seen all across the Great Parch and the eruptions of their volcanoes create a variety of orange, red, and even azure light. Lava rivers flow through the Adamantine Chain and into the Searing Sea.[1a]

Many rich deposits of sulphur are found throughout the mountains.[1a]

The Adamantine Chain borders many regions of Aridian such as Grimnir's Firehold, the Callidium desert, and Sootstain Hills. As well as many regions of Capilaria such as the Charcoal Scorch, the Tribal Heartlands, Vultur Sands, and Vitae Deltas. It also serves as a boundary between all of these regions and the Eastern Parch.[1a]


Nations and Settlements


The Adamantine Chain was once home to many human tribes and Duardin who resided within the great mountains. During the Age of Chaos most of these were slaughtered, forced to turn to Chaos, or fled to Azyr. The mountain range became dominated by Skaven and Duardin who venerate the Father of Darkness, its foothills became the domain of Bloodbound tribes. With the dawning of the Age of Sigmar the Free Peoples have returned to many of the regions surrounding the Chain, and Duardin even fight to retake old strongholds from the Skaven invaders.[1a]


Go up into the mountains then, but if you think to make safe up there, you're out of your mind. Fresh water you might find, where the snow mingles with the warm rock, I'll give you that. Shelter, even, if you find the right cave. But for every place of refuge there's another that leads to a skaven warren, or a sulphur-cloud that'll burn your lungs or a cave already claimed by the cannibals that got there first. Stray into the Chain, my friends, and you won't ever be coming back down.

~ Drost the Bunion, duardin pioneer from Hammerhal Aqsha [2]