Acrius Kope

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Acrius Kope, the Gallant of Glymmsforge is an infamous duellist. [1a]


A tall man, narrow in build and dressed in fine clothes, on his left cheek are three scars that create the trident mark of the Skyboldt school of swordsmanship.[1a]


He has fought both Soulblight assassins and aelf swordmasters. [1a]

Acrius spent an evening with Queen Neferata herself, made infamous by the gossip and author, Lady Emalia Grimsour. [1a]

He entered the city of Shadespire and became trapped there, eventually entering the service of the king of the southern market, Chollat, encountering Seguin Reynar. [1a]


You must have heard of me. It is inconceivable that you have not. Turn around.