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Abhorrant Ghoul Kings or Abhorrant Ghoul Queens are the delusional, bestial Vampire masters of the Flesh-Eater Courts, ruling over swathes of the Mortal Realms. Their name was coined by other vampires.[5]


Ghoul Kings sit at the heart of every cannibal court. They believe themselves to be mortal monarchs and see cannibals not as monsters, but as starving peasants and soldiers that need their help. By partaking in the feast of these kings, these cannibals turn into mordants or ghouls, and become infected by the same madness that hails the king, seeking out more flesh to satisfy their king's cannibalistic pleasure.[5][7a]

Ghoul Kings subconsciously impose their delusion, view of hierarchical societies and tales of Ushoran's first court on all those mordants that had the misfortune to have fallen into their orbit.[7a]

Ghoul Kings surround themselves with their vampire kin, granting ranks and titles to their most trusted confidants. The blood of the king is a crimson draught, sometimes offered to a few blessed mordants transforming into more insane and powerful variants of mordants and in time might even become vampire themselves with the ability to found their own mad courts.[5][7a]

Sometimes, Abhorrants display some form of bizarre honour, seeking out the enemies leader or champions to challenge them to a duel face to face.[7b]


Ghoul Kings have an instinctual ability to control necromantic energies and raise Terrorgheists or Zombie Dragons to serve as their royal steed when going into battle.[7b]




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