A Queen's Audience

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A Queen's Audience
Author(s) Jordan Green
Released 2021

A Queen's Audience is a short story by Jordan Green which takes place after the events of the Broken Realms [1]


This page contains spoilers for: A Queen's Audience

Following his attacks on Neferatia, the shaman Hengar Gorkava is captured and is interviewed by Neferata revealing some of the plans of Be'lakor, the blood queen then discusses the situation with her fellow Mortarch Katakros. Finally Neferata is contacted by Nagash himself. [1]


This story was first printed in White Dwarf May 2021.


My back aginst the wall. Can you even begin to comprehend how often, over my gruellingly extended span, souls like you have told me that? How this time surely, surely, I will take the fall. Yet somehow, no matter what new foe rears their head, venerable me is still here.

~ Neferata.[1]