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Yliana, also known as The White Mantis, is an Aelven Bladelord champion of the Lumineth Realm-lords. She has sworn to protect the Scinari of Ymetrica from dangers as they make their ambitious ways to bring order to the realms.[1a]


As a child Yliana hunted shard-scorpions with only a cooking knife, managing to avoid their poisonous stingers with remarkable quickness. Later as an adult she has left the one-sided challenges and unnecessary killing behind and looks back to her past with shame. Her status as a protector to the Scinari however forces her to bloody her hands day after day, and making her meditate until she has cleansed her mind of the act of slaughter and attained a state of balance, readying her for new fights ahead. Her most closest comrades know that Yliana's composure has slowly started to crack.[1a]


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