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Xaramos was a Mortisan Boneshaper of the Mortis Praetorians who fought in the War of Light and Death as Arkhan the Black's lieutenant for the invasion of Ymetrica.[1a][2a]


Xaramos was a renowned talent within the Mortisan order, and his influence was such that Arkhan made him second in command of his invasion force. He was tasked with recruiting allies among the Hyshians, and worked closely with the local Ghoul King Varshorn until the two came to blows over the Bone-Tithe imposed on Varshorn's subjects.[1a]


  • Xaramos, along with a contingent of Mortis Praetorians, accompanies Arkhan and his invading army into Ymetrica. Xaramos is charged with overseeing the bone-tithe taken from occupied lands. As the second-in-command of the army and a representative of the premier Bonereaper legion, he also accepts oaths of fealty from local servants of Nagash - most notably, the Abhorrant Archregent of the Vertigon Flesh-Eater Court, Gorstane Mortevell.[1a]
  • In order to provide an object lesson to the Lumineth, Xaramos and Mortevell's dissident vassal, King Varshorn, are sent to attack the port city of Elthondu . Varshorn impresses the Boneshaper with his keen tactical mind, and together the two enact a plan that becomes known as the Ravage of Elthondu. Xaramos gains a measure of respect for Varshorn and even accepts an invitation to the victory feast, though he does not touch the food.[1a][2a]
  • When Arkhan retreats with his Null Myriad legion to inhospitable Haixiah to begin the next phase of his plan, Xaramos and his Praetorians remain in Ymetrica to occupy the Lumineth, maintain connections with local allies and - most importantly - establish a sufficient supply of osseous matter to replenish losses and mount an attack when the time comes. Xaramos orders an increased bone-tithe.[1a]
  • When the increaded bone-tithe proves insufficient, Xaramos orders a tithe to be taken directly from the bodies of the ghouls. Varshorn, who had up to this point grudgingly went along with the tithe, refuses to sacrifice his subjects. In appreciation for what the ghoul king believes to be their friendship, Varshorn invites Xaramos to a feast to try to negotiate a more manageable arrangement.[1a]
  • Xaramos accepts the offer to negotiate, but uses the feast to spring an ambush, killing most of Varshorn's close circle. The king escapes only due to the loyalty of his subjects.[1a]
  • A counter-attack by Varshorn's elite Deadwatch knights disrupts the Bonereapers' pursuit of the king. In the confusion, Varshorn confronts Xaramos and slays him.[2b]


Honour is immaterial. The Supreme Lord of the Dead must have his tithe.

~ Xaramos.[1b]


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