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Wildheart is a region of the Realm of Ghur that has long been dominated by Greenskin races. It is within these bestial lands that Gordrakk first came to power.[1a]


Age of Chaos

According to legend Gordrakk, the Fist of Gork first arose to power after the legions of Archaon established Dreadholds throughout Wildheart with the intent of enslaving the local Greenskins. Gork is said to have been so enraged by this that he materialized his fist into the realm, smashing the central fortresses. The storm of Waaagh! energy reduced them to rubble. As storm and fist de-materialized a single shard of knucklebone remained, becoming the Megaboss Gordrakk who rallied Wildheart's Ironjawz to topple the rest of the Dreadholds.[2a]