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Wight 01.jpg
A Grave Guard, a wight champion of the Deathrattle Kingdoms.
Grand alliance Death
Associated factions Soulblight Gravelords
Origins Nagash's creations
Environments Tomb-Cities
Deathrattle Kingdoms
Type Undead

Wights are one of the many variations of Undead that haunt the Mortal Realms. They can be created from any of the sapient races living across the Realms, but the majority of them were once Human. They often wear battered armor or rotting robes, vestiges of the cultures and empires they belonged to long ago.[2a]


Wights are reanimated skeletons that are driven by a singular obsession that drove them in life, though they often do not grasp the context that led them to such endeavors in their mortal lives. Such obsessions include a desire for conquest, research, or even artistry.[2a][3a]

Wights retain their individuality and memories, each taking great pride in the accomplishments of their pasts and the skills they have honed through great effort. This is great contrast to the Ossiarch Bonereapers of the Empire of Ossia.[2a]

They can most often be found in the Deathrattle Kingdoms scattered across the Mortal Realms. These kingdoms and the majority of the mindless skeletons within are ceaselessly dedicated to expanding Nagash's necrotopia and only the elite Wights retain sapience, that it is honed to a single-minded obsession with whatever duty drives them.[2a]

Rituals can be employed to raise the remains of the long-dead into Wights, such rituals are often employed by Necromancers or Vampires seeking powerful servants and pre-existing Wights who seeks to revive old companions.[2a][2c]


Wights are not a natural born "species" but rather the reanimated remains of a sapient mortal, driven by an obsession that defined them when they were alive. Such creatures are beyond the mortal needs of food, drink, and warmth. The marching of time and decay has stripped these entities of all the pleasures and emotions they once felt in life.[2a][2b]


The physical appearance of Wights can vary wildly from Realm to Realm, as they, like many inhabitants of the Mortal Realms, are affected by the magic and nature of the regions they call home.[2a]

  • Wights of Aqshy: Baleflame emits from many of the skeletons that reside in the Realm of Aqshy.[2a]
  • Wights of Ghyran: Fungal growths are often found growing out of the Wights that dwell within the Realm of Ghyran.[2a]

Notable Deathrattle Kingdoms



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