White Dwarf October 2020

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White Dwarf October 2020
White Dwarf October 2020 cover 001.jpg
Editor(s) Lyle Lowery
Cover Artist Phil Moss
Released October 2020
Pages 144
ISBN 0265-8712
Preceded by White Dwarf September 2020
Followed by White Dwarf November 2020


  • Contact - Readers thoughts and questions.
  • Readers Models
  • Worlds of Warhammer: Funny stuff by Jordan Green
  • The Scenes of Battle: Tips for taking pictures of miniatures by Gareth Etherington
  • Warhammer 40,000
    • Echoes from the Warp: Article about trial and error by Elliot Hamer
    • Warhammer 40,000 Flashpoints: Argovon Campaign
    • Galactic War Zones: Forge Worlds
    • Faith & Fire Part eight of a serialisation of Faith and Fire.
  • Golden Demon
    • The Monster Slayer: Slayer Sword winner Maxime Penaud
  • Middle-Earth
    • The Pale Orc Cometh: Tactics for using Azog the Defiler

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