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White Dwarf October 2019

White Dwarf Vol. 3, No. 38 October 2019
White Dwarf Vol 3 No 38 cover 001.jpg
Wrath and Rapture
Editor(s) Lyle Lowery
Cover Artist Jamie Martinez
Released October 2019
Pages 144
ISBN 0265-8712
Preceded by White Dwarf Vol 3 No 37
Followed by White Dwarf Vol 3 No 39


  • Contact - Readers thoughts and questions.
  • Readers Models
  • Worlds of Warhammer: Forty facts about the Age of Sigmar by Phil Kelly
  • Warhammer 40,000
    • Echoes from the Warp: Robin Cruddace on Designer goals behind the new Apocalypse game
    • Engage and Slay: Sisters of Silence short story by Andy Clark
    • Index Astartes: Sisters of Silence
    • Galatic War Zones: Frozen Wastelands
    • A Take of Four Warlords
    • Battlefield Modifcations: Converting Space Marines
  • Kill Team
    • Vanguard Reinforcements
  • Golden Demon
    • Winners Challenge: New painting challenge
  • Blackstone Fortress
    • Big Dakka for Hire: Rules for a Flash Git - Skarburn Zapdakka
  • Six Doors to Darkness Short story
  • Aeronautica Imperialis
    • Da Bombing Misshun!: Battle Report
    • Judgement Squadron: Imperial squadron
  • Necromunda
    • Assault on Precinct-Fortress 17 Campaign

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