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A Nomad Prince.
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The Wanderers once lived in the Realm of Ghyran in great canopy-cities in the Age of Myth, acting as stalwart defenders of Alarielle and her children. Yet when the dark forces of Chaos began their invasions of the Mortal Realms the Wanderers chose to abandon their charges and flee to the safety of the Realm of Azyr. In the Age of Sigmar the descendants of those who fled return bring life to the Mortal Realms.[1][2b][4a][5b]


Age of Myth

In the Age of Myth the ancestors of the Wanderers dwelt in great canopy-cities deep within continent-sized forests in the Realm of Ghyran, these tribes and clans were ruled by the kings and queens of old. In those halcyon days they served proudly as defenders of Alarielle and her children, the Sylvaneth.[1][2b][11a]

Age of Chaos

Eventually, dissidents among the Wanderers rise to pre-eminence and convince their fellows to abandon the Realm of Ghyran, believing the realm to be doomed. One night they lead the populace through the Twining Portal into the Cascading Path and from there they flee to the relative safety of the Realm of Azyr. In doing this they abandon both Alarielle and the Sylvaneth to their fate[1]

Age of Sigmar

The Wanderers, now ruled by the Nomad Princes, who returned to the wider Realms in the wake of Sigmar's Tempest, continue to fight for and cherish the magic of life. They follow the light of Sigendil seeking the broken trails of ancient ley-lines and restore them with waystones, strange arcane artefacts created during the formation of the Mortal Realms to soothe the tormented wilds and erase the taint of Chaos from the earth.[2b][5b]

Though forgiven by Alarielle for the sins of their forefather, they remain estranged from their goddess and are often viewed with scorn by her Sylvaneth children. Thus they are not always welcome within the domains of Alarielle. However, the Wanderers have found a place for themselves among other Free Peoples in the God-King's civilizations, especially within the Free Cities, with Hammerhal Ghyra in particular being seen as one of the few true havens for their peoples in the Realms.[1][2b][5b]



The craftsfolk of the Wanderers are known for the discerning eye that they apply to their craft, fully knowing that the materials of the worlds around them are best suited for different uses whether it be Aqshian coalwood, Ghyranite springwood, Ulguan whisperwood, or countless other materials. The more spiritual craftsfolk of the Wanderers remember the great wonders made in the distant eras of the Age of Myth and hope to one day create such wondrous artefacts again. To this end they create replicas of sacred relics through traditional and ritualised crafting methods.[13a]

Some of the more renowned creations of Wanderer crafters include floral compasses that bloom when near ley-lines, sturdy falconry equipment, and Deepmire Cloaks. When a Wanderer gifts a Deepmire Cloak to someone belonging to a culture other than their own, it is considered a deeply intimate act of trust.[13a]


The Wanderers of the Age of Sigmar remain true to their heritage, weaving spells of everoak and bitterthorn. Much like their ancestors they can move through the shadows of the Mortal Realms' forests with ease. Yet they still remain estranged from the goddess their ancestors abandoned.[1][2b]

In the Age of Sigmar many Wanderer clans remain nomadic people, even with the rise of the Cities of Sigmar, preferring their caravans and mobile encampments to city life.[4a] Others have chosen to settle down within the Free Cities and build new lives within them.[6a][7a]

The Wanderers' love of nature persists even among many of those who have chosen to settle down, it is not uncommon to see these Aelves taking up work as gardeners and farmers.[6a]


The clothing worn by the Aelves of the Wanderer Clans is often drab greys, cold browns, and vibrant greens.[8a][14a]


The Wanderers traverse across the Mortal Realms through secret Realmgates known as the Greenways. With these pathways, they are able to travel the ley-lines of the Realms. It was through another network of pathways, the Cascading Path, that their ancestors fled Ghyran to the safety of Azyr in the Age of Chaos. [3a][14c]


Though they often employ the Celestial Tongues of Azyr when conversing with other peoples, the Wanderers have their own languages such as the lilting Wanderers' Tongue.[8a][9a]


The Wanderers are counted among the Free Peoples that make up Sigmar's Empire and reside with the God-King's Free Cities having found homes in many of these great bastions such as Hammerhal, both Ghyra and Aqsha.[3b][5a][5b]

The Wanderers and the Seraphon share a similar goal of maintaining and purifying the ley-lines that make up the Astromatrix Arcane, though their reasons for doing so do not always align and this shared goal has brought them into conflict as often as it has resulted in alliances.[10]

In spite of their efforts, the relations between the Wanderer Clans remain strained with many Sylvaneth, some clans of the latter despising the wayward Lost Ones so much as to attack and massacre them outright.[3b][7a][7b] In some places this strain has lessened and Wanderers and Sylvaneth fight alongside one another, though the tree spirits may never truly trust those they see as exiles and betrayers.[2a]


The overwhelming majority of the Aelves among the Wanderers still consider Alarielle to be their goddess, though their relationship with their with their deity remains strained since their ancestors fled the Realm of Ghyran to the Age of Chaos.[2b][7a]

Settlements and Nations

Throughout the Age of Sigmar the Wanderer Clans have made many attempts to build new nations for themselves or even migrate to settlements, particularly among the Cities of Sigmar. They can be found in abundance in the Greenward Prefecture of Hammerhal Aqsha and entire districts are set aside for them among the drift-isles above Hammerhal Ghyra. Though Ghyra is considered a true haven by the Nomad Princes who lead the clans, issues have arisen in Aqsha as each season the city's rampant industrialization cuts deeper into the Prefecture.[5a][5b]

A number of other Free Cities boast a sizeable population of Wanderers, or else Aelves of Wanderer descent, as well. Such as Greywater Fastness and Brightspear.[6a][12a] There are even those who have settled within the Living City, granted to Sigmar's people by Alarielle herself, though they are consigned to the outermost wards.[2a]

Wanderers can be found lurking in the Resinwood Coast of the Great Parch, attempting to carve out a kingdom among the semi-fossilised trees. This has brought them into conflict with the rage-filled Bloodbound who claim the region as their own.[11a]




The Wanderers are renowned among the Free Peoples as expert archers and bladesmen, skills which they put to use against the hordes of Chaos in their quest to restore the ley-lines. In this they are led by the Nomad Princes, descended of the kings and queens of old who fled Ghyran, who command the spears and arrows of their folk with precision.[2b][3b]

The warriors who follow the Nomad Princes into battle include their stalwart Eternal Guard, who form an impenetrable wall of wood and iron around their liege; the Wildwood Rangers, who have sworn to hunt the monstrous beasts that plague Ghyran; the Sisters of the Watch elite sentinels of the ley-lines and arcane archers; Wild Rider, swift cavalry mounted upon stag-beasts; and Sisters of the Thorn who can call upon the aid of the forest itself with their magic.[2b]


  • There are those among the Sylvaneth that decry the Wanderers as the Lost Ones and Betrayers, refusing to forgive them the sins of their forefathers.[7b]
  • It is unknown what connection, if any, the Greenways and Cascading Path have to one another.[3][14c]


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