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The Vilehorns is a Beastherd under the Allherd Greatfray.[1]


Gnargrok defeated the challenges to his leadership from Krovar and Bezarkrak and added their thunderscorn and bullgor herds to his own forces.[1]

They participated in the Battle of Coldwrath Vale where Gnargrok coordinated the ambush using his ungors and gors.


  • Gnargrok the Beastlord: The alphabeast of the Vilehorns.[1]
    • Surlok One-horn: A Great Bray-Shaman.[1]
    • Gnakh: A Great Bray-Shaman.[1]
    • The Skull-grinders: A bestigor herd who mark their foes with crushed bones of those they kill.[1]
    • The Tusked Avalanche: A group of Tuskgor Chariots which the rumbling sound of the wheels inspire dread, even in the veteran warriors.[1]
    • The Cloven: This gor herd make offerings of the trampled hearts of those they slay.[1]
    • Dark Brood: A gor herd whose members are born in dark lands where there is no light[1]
    • The Flayed: A gor herd that skin part of their own hide and give it to each other to devour and share their strenght.[1]
    • Shurmok's Slinklings: This ungor herd is often beaten and reviled, which has filled them with spite and bitterness for all living things.[1]
    • Bloodsuccour: A ungor herd that sup the gore of their enemies to try to grow strong.[1]
    • Lyvik's Eye-eaters: These Ungor raiders like to gnash on the eyes of their still-living prey.[1]
    • The Mange-ridden: A herd of ungor raiders that reviled and unwanted, but still fight for Gnargrok.[1]
    • The Slaughterhooves: A Centigor herd whose charge has never been halted.[1]
    • The Beast's Fury: A Centigor herd who topple the idols of all gods out of equal disgust.[1]
  • Krovar the Doombull[1]
  • Bezarkrak the Shaggoth[1]
    • The Ironscales: A Dragon Ogor herd that feels neither pain or hunger, only hate.[1]
    • The Thundersons: A Dragon Ogor herd born from the cold wrath of the storm and sent to topple the bastions of Order.[1]
    • Sharknak's Dustclaws: A Dragon Ogor Herd who trample their victims into the dirt, even after their bodies are ruined.[1]