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Pestilens 01.png
A Verminlord Corruptor leading Pestilens Skaven.
Grand alliance Chaos
Associated factions Eshin
Origins Great Horned Rat's creation
Languages Dark Tongue
Type Daemon
Average lifespan Immortal

Verminlords are the Daemons of the Great Horned Rat, towering icons of ruin able to call upon fell energies and manipulate the weak-willed.[1]

There are many types of Verminlord, many which specialise in controlling a lineage of Skaven Clans.


As Daemons of the Great Horned Rat Verminlords are exemplars of everything a skaven aspires to be, cunning, malevolent and menacing, viciously strong, whip-fast and eternally manipulative.They are above the hierarchy of skaven society seeing all mortal skaven as pawns and other Verminlords as rivals. The Grey Seers of the Masterclan claim that the Verminlords are theirs to summon and to bargain with as they see fit, a charade maintained by the Verminlods to keep incompetent minions to blame when their plans fail and also allows them to manipulate from the shadows, acting as patrons for particularly promising skaven leaders. [8]

As the Horned Rat is split into different aspects, the Verminlords reflect these personas. They are divided into the Warbringers, Deceivers, Corruptors, Warpseers and other rarer and stranger castes with some being are drawn to particular Great Clans whose aspects echo their own, and are held up by those clans’ leaders as vengeful totems.[8]



Verminlord Corruptors are huge powerful warriors that only exist to despoil and corrupt. They are pure pestilence given form, capable of tearing most enemies apart even before their plagues spells take hold. They hold absolute power over the Clans Pestilens. They wield Plaguereaper Sickles, that infect infect opponents with even the slightest nick. They have a mane of long hair and a skull head with broken horns.[2]


Verminlord Warbringers are the most commonly seen, especially amongst the Clans Verminus. They are the most arrogant, aggressive and territorial. They have a fondness for dramatic entrances which may range from just clouds and smokes to tearing their way into reality through the body of an enemy champion. Few foes can match the speed and strength of a Verminlord Warbringer and their presence spreads a supernatural fervour through their underlings. [8]

Verminlord Warbringers are armed with a doom glaive and punch-dagger, and wear a spiked helmet.[2]


Verminlord Warpseers are armed with a doom glaive and scry-orb.[2] They are vile and vicious prophets, dedicated to advancing the manifold agendas of their ruinous god.[9a] When the malign portents that signaled the coming of the Necroquake began, the Warpseers were among those first scryers to take notice. [9a]


Verminlord Deceivers are subtle and secretive killers associated with the Clans Eshin. Their daemonic might is complemented by supernatural stealth and skill, allowing them to move amidst clouds of obfuscating shadow and speak in ominous whispers, their every utterance echoing thirteen times over in a chorus of subtly differing lies. In battle they burst forth with blistering speed sliding warpstilettos through their victims’ ribs, or fling their spinning doomstars to lop off heads before it returns to their talons. [6][8]


Warpgnaw Verminlords are the secretive pathfinders and guides of the skaven, wandering and leading the ratmen through the network of Gnawholes and dimensional passages, sometimes even creating them with dark magic, to fulfil their agendas. They claim that they were the ones who granted the Skaven the ability to create gnawholes and nobody dares to challenge them and are hated and envied by their daemonic peerks. As they travel through these paths so frequently their bodies become saturated with reality-breaking enegies, making their outline a blur through fractures possibilities giving their movements a stilted subtly and disturbing unreal with the world around them, an effect sometimes called as the Cloak of Splintered Unreality.[3][7a]

These half-insane abominations lead the skaven through their paths to plunder the realms. They wield a reality-shearing Gnaw-Glaive capable of creating new paths to the realms and can use their prehensile tail to lash and snare their foes. Warpfangs can also hide in a cloak of possibilities, confounding the strikes of it's enemies with detritus of forgotten futures. Their sinewy body are covered in carved skaven runes and their heads have massive horns and sneering maws. They are wizards capable of casting Arcane Bolt, Mystic Shield and Aether-Burrow and Splinter-screech, a spell that conjures an atonal shriek that rises in pitch until the fabric of reality shivers and cracks often slaying their foes.[3][7a]


Name Faction Unit Species Description
Kratterklaw Verminus Verminlord Warbringer Verminlord The patron of Warlord Rikfang and who during the Realmgate Wars ordered him to attack the Vostarg Lodge magmahold and bring sacrifices to him.
Skewerax Verminus Verminlord Warbringer Verminlord The Frenzy that Walked. The War-Shadow.

Skreech Verminking Masterclan Rat King Verminlord A Verminlord that has knowledge from all six types of skaven clans that he can use in battle.



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