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A Varghulf Courtier

Varghulfs can be found in the service of the Flesh-Eater Courts, serving their Abhorrant Liege as Courtiers and Champions.[2][3]


While full Vampires, Varghulfs are far more bestial than their Abhorrant brethren. The curse of Ushoran affected them deeply. They prowl the battlefield down on all four of their long limbs, searching for fresh meat to feast upon.[4a] Their jaws are strong enough to crush plate armour, and some Varghulfs have been witnessed to punch trough the hulls of Ironweld Arsenal steam-hulks to devour the crew hiding inside.[4a]

Courtly role

In contrast to other Courtiers or Abhorrants that have enough clarity to lead the Mordant hordes of the Ghoul Courts, Varghulf Courtiers have been fully overwhelmed by their blood lust. Unburdened by the weight of rulership, Varghulfs act as lonely warriors, fighting with reckless abandonment.[4a]

This is not seen as a shame by other members of the Flesh-Eater Courts. Instead they are seen as holy paladins, bringing justice to their enemies. Varghulfs spent most of their days secluded in isolated cloisters and caverns. When they do leave their hideouts to join the ghoul hosts in battle they get "blessed" by Abhorrant Cardinals. Surrounded by howling ghouls, the Varghulf gets decorated with garlands of bloody entrails and sinew. Seeing these "holy warriors" in battle can spurn ghouls nearby into an even greater frenzy.[4a]



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