Vanari Auralan Warden

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An Auralan Warden from Alumnia.

Auralan Wardens fight defensively occupying the most tactically advantageous points of the battlefield and position themselves in front of ranged units such as mages and Auralan Sentinels. This allows ranged units to launch a rain of arrows and magical bolts forcing the enemies to charge towards the Lumineth lines of towards the forests of spears of the wardens that are lowered in perfect unison. [1a][1b]

Units are led by High Wardens, wizards able to cast powerful spells from the Lore of Hysh.[2]


Auralan Wardens are armed with Warden's pikes with tips made from sunmetal that has basked in the light of Hysh for centuries at a time. When the correct magical phrase is called the tips of these spears glow white hot allowing it to melt even through thick armour and can also be used to burn the victim inside out. [1b][2]

The High Warden is armed with a Champion's Blade and carries a Moonfire Flask which can be hurled into enemy ranks so that it bursts and scatters burning silvery liquid. [2]




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