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The Ulk'gnar of the Realm of Hysh are the oldest and the most feared of the Twistfrays.[1a]


Age of Sigmar

As a tribe of beasts they once sought enlightenment, by getting rid of their primal desires and embracing their human half. They lived peaceful for a long time with the surrounding tribes. However not long after Sigmar arrived in these lands, the aelves and humans they once lived beside turned against them.[1a]

At the end of the Age of Myth only a single beast survived the genocide and it called upon Tzeentch to avenge his slaughtered kin. The flourishing kingdom of their tormentors were overtaken by the Change Curse, turning into bestial savages and tore their kingdoms apart. Those that survived joined with the Ulk'gnar as well as many other civilisations that the Twistfray would target.[1a]



  • It is never said if Sigmar ordered the extermination of the Ulk'gnar or if the tribe's neighbors turned on them of their own accord.


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