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Triumphs are rewards an army may win if they clear their objectives in certain places of the realms, making them better than they were before. It can be artefacts, blessings or simply inspiration.[1a]



Triumphs of the Mortal Realms[1a]
Name Description Notes
Blessed Makes one more fortunate.
Inspired Makes one unit less likely to commit mistakes.
Empowered Makes generals more resilient to attacks.

Brimstone Peninsula

Triumphs of the Brimstone Peninsula[1b]
Name Description Notes
Breath of Elemental Fire Allows a hero to breath elemental fire upon any foes around themselves at the cost of wounding themselves in the process.
Essence of Scarlet Flames A hero can embody this essence, making them harder to hit.
Tome of Aqshy Any wizard with this spell can cast the Fireball spell, even outside the Brimstone Peninsula. If inside the Brimstone Peninsula the spell grows stronger.
Blessing of Eternal Flame Totems or standard bearers with this blessing boost the weapons of their allies around them, making them easier to rend through their foes.
Phoenix Stone The hero that carry this stone can heal small wounds over time.
Ruby Ring of Ruin The hero that wield this ring can try to cast the Fireball spell even if they are not a wizard or in the Brimstone Peninsula.

Burning Catacombs

Triumphs of the Burning Catacombs[2b]
Name Description Notes
Grimwrath Pendant The pendant fills the hero with rage that may enable him to ignore wounds.
Lump of Ur-Gold Can be used to hire a unit of Fyreslayers.
Vial of magmadroth's Bile The hero can throw the vial at nearby enemies, drenching them in flaming bile.
Vulkite Rune The unit bearing this rune is resiliant in the face of any enemy and death.


Triumphs of the Greenglades[1c]
Name Description Notes
Talisman of Preservation Makes one harder to suffer rending wounds.
Acorns of the Ages Allows a army to spontaneously grow a Sylvaneth Wyldwood
Verdant Blessing Totems or standard bearer can have this enchantment take makes everyone around them less likely to suffer grievous wounds.
Essence of Ghyran Once during a battle a hero that embodies this essence can heal all wounds it suffered.
Jade Scroll Allows any hero to cast the Shield of Thorns spell, even if they are not a wizard or in the Greenglades.
Moonstone of the Hidden Ways Allows any unit to use Sylvaneth Wyldwoods to transport to another Wyldwood, once during a battle.

Jotunberg Vortex

Triumphs of the Jotunberg Vortex[2a]
Name Description Notes
Frost Amulet A hero can enter Enchanted Hibination to heal all their wounds
Glacial Globe A hero can shatter the globe to cast the Tower of Ice spell
Ice Blast Wand A Hero can cast the Ice Blast spell using this wand, even if they are not a wizard.
Jotunberg Talisman The hero bearing the talisman can call upon the spirit of the Jotunberg for aid.
Vial of jotun Blood The contents can be poured upon a weapon making it more damaging.
Winters Essence The essence of endless winters fills the hero and makes them not only hard to hurt but also quick to heal.

Mount Kronus

Mount Kronus[2c]
Name Description Notes
Heavy Metal Ingot Although the movement of the Hero is slowed they becoem more resiliant and hard hitting
Kronotic Copper A bracelet that can allow a hero to resist damage
Mercurial Potion Enables a Hero who drinks it to fly and also become more evasive.
Null Metal Finial A standard that speeds up the unit carrying it, but makes them easier to hurt.
Temporal Siphon Allows a hero to cast specific spells whilst on Mount Kronus.
Timeslip Chronograph Allows the hero to manipulate the temporal anomalies that can be found on Mount Kronus.

Sylvaneth Places of Power

Sylvaneth Places of Power[3]
Name Description Notes
Flitterflight A horrific spite that terrifies enemies.
Soulborn The general of the army can be healed by the spirits of the lost glades.
Spiritwalker A hero can move through the spirit paths to other places on the battlefield.
Thistlebarb A dangerous spite who reduces the effectiveness of enemies armour.
Witherhusk A wizard can use this to wither the very hearts of enemies.
Wyldseed A hero can instantly grow a wyldwood which can also heal nearby sylvaneth.