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Tornus, once a Lord of Plagues called Torglug the Despised, he was reforged into a mighty a Knight-Venator, called Tornus the Redeemed.


Tornus of the Everdawn

Once a warrior-guardian of the Everdawn tribe, Tornus was one of the proud mortal defenders of the Lifewells and aspired to human perfection. When Nurgle infected the Realm of Life with his foul touch, Torglug fought against the invading legions of Chaos. Fighting day and night against the tainted tribes that wanted to corrupt the Lifewell that his people depended on. He prove so redoubtable, so certain in his belief of righteous power, that instead of killing him, his foes pitched him into the Pit of Filth.[1][5b]

He survived for weeks, each day bringing some vile new ill to his disease-wracked body he was at last undone by his own stubborn refusal to die. The voices whispered to him and perverted his moral code into a desire for power. On the seventy-seventh day he crawled out of the pit and embraced the voices. Riddled with disease, he was as now Toglug, a champion of the Plague God.[1][5b]

Torglug the Despised

Turning against his former allies, Torglug seeded kingdoms and lands across Ghyran with pestilence and plague – earning the name the Despised by those who once called him brother. Pleased with his offerings, Nurgle rewarded Torglug with a bodyguard of Putrid Blightkings and the honour of corrupting the Lifewells of Ghyran. It was a task the Nurglite lord accepted with twisted pride, raising the fortifications known as the Fangs of Decay to cage the power of life he had once stood sentinel over.[2]

Torglug was ravaged most mightily by diseases and plagues, and had long since found allies in pain and despair. Those he brought to all who opposed Grandfather Nurgle, for there was nothing Torglug despised more than ungratefulness and the cowardice of those too frail to embrace Nurgle's vision. The fact that he once opposed his patron bothers affected Torglug greatly, and he was keen to wash away the memory of his defiance in a tide of violence.[2]

With each new day Torglug's axe reaped more glory for Nurgle. Soon enough he was given the honour of poisoning the Lifewells he had previously defended. The Plague God is a forgiving sort, and Torglug's past life became a distant memory for both disciple and divinity. Since that day, Torglug had risen high in Nurgle's favour. He and his bodyguard of Putrid Blightkings claimed rulership of several noxious tribes, fighting at the forefront of the hunt for Alarielle, Queen of the Radiant Wood.[2]

Torglug was known to the sylvaneth as the Tree-cutter of Thyrr. Many sacred groves have been denuded by the edge of his blade, just as their guardians were hacked down by the score. To the Ghyranites, he was the Despised One, a hero brought low by the slow rot of mortal pride. The Viridian Ogors called him Gut-Spiller, for his axe had opened many a stomach to the foul mist of the Graven Peaks. To the daemons of Nurgle's Manse he was Ironhood the Woodsman, for he had hacked down life-trees by the hundred to better fuel the decay spreading from his master's garden. By a dozen other names he was known, for Torglug's allegiance was a high prize indeed.[2][5a]

For a time, he led the armies of the Plague God, and ultimately followed the Stormcast Eternals to the hidden sanctuary of Alarielle, Athelwyrd, and lead the nurglite invasion into it.[1][2]

He lead a unrelenting pursuit for the soul pod of the goddess, claiming the lives of many Treelords, Dryads and many of the Knights Excelsior. He cut down the Lady of Vines, and he stood triumphant before the Celestant-Prime. Recognising a buried seed of valour under the villainous exterior, the avatar of Sigmar smote Torglug with Ghal Maraz, killing him outright – and in doing so, redeemed what remained of his soul. His essence blazed to Sigmaron, where he was Reforged, the corruption in him burned away, as a Knight-Venator, and given the weapons he needed to wreak his vengeance upon the Chaos tyrants that had once polluted his spirit. With his reforging he returned to his original name of Tornus.[1]

Tornus the Redeemed

Initially assigned to the Gleaming Host chamber of the Hallowed Knights Stormhost Tornus felt like an outsider to his brothers in the chamber. Sigmar recognising the need for Tornus and other redeemed by the Celestant-Prime to be accepted, assigned Tornus to the Steel Souls for their mission to reinforce the attack on the Sargasso Citadels.[3a][3b]

After the battle in which the Rotbringer forces were shattered, Tornus discovered an ally from before his Reforging, the Knight of the Order of the Fly Gatrog. Instead of quickly slaying Gatrog, Tornus saw a spark of redemption and had him brought before Lord-Celestant Gardus in chains. This proved a boon when Gardus led the Steel Souls into the Garden of Nurgle to retrieve Lord-Castellant Lorrus Grymn and Gatrog became their unwilling, oathsworn guide.[3c][3d]

As the Stormcasts progressed through each of the seven levels of the garden, Tornus became sick with the ghost of Torglug who reappeared from Tornus and attacked the Steel Souls. Nearing death, Tornus and Gardus were saved by Gatrog who upheld the oath he swore and attacked the shade of Torglug. Gatrog was dealt a mortal blow but his attack gave Tornus the ability to finally slay Torglug from his own heart, forever.[3e][3f]

Tornus would help the Steel Souls through the remaining levels and emerge from Nurgle's garden untainted.[3g]

As the Celestant-Prime continued to redeem souls from Chaos back to Azyr with the hammer Ghal Maraz, they became outcasts within their own Stormhosts. Tornus took it upon himself to rally a small army of these Redeemed and perform several raids upon Nagash's armies. Grymn attempts to have this brotherhood disbanded but is overruled by the Celestant-Prime.[4]


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