Thunderbellies Mawtribe

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Icon of the Thunderbellies Mawtribe.

The Thunderbellies Mawtribe is a tribe of the Ogor Beastclaw Raiders from the Realm of Chamon. [1]

Striking with the power of the lightning that ravages their homelands, these ogors crave speed over brute force, though there’s no shortage of the latter as they sally forth in massive tight-knit hunting packs. The tribe is known for having faster but still bellicose mounts than other Ogor Mawtribes. [1]

They favour hunting for food in the Sky Roads in the Realm of Chamon, and are fierce rivals of the local Dragon Ogres. [2a]


A shouting match errupts between the tribe and Dragon Ogres at the mountain pass known as Thunderstar Heights in the Sky Roads. The bellowing contest ends when the road cracks under the vocal pressure and dozens of the Dragon Ogres fall to their deaths much to the amusement of the Ogors. [2a]


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