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Thonida's landmass makes up the north-east of the Ghurish Heartlands.

Thondia is the current prime landmass within the Ghurish Heartlands.[1a] It's the epicenter of the Dawnbringer Crusades in Ghur[4a].


Thondia is an alpha continent of the Ghurish Heartlands, a primordial landmass of gargants and monsters. The sheer scale of Thondia is difficult to fully comprehend.[5b]. Most of Thondia is comprised of arid plains or sun-baked grasslands. These plains have been the site of titanic battles, made more animalistic by the essence of Ghur. The savannah's in the south have been turned into a swamp, the Drowned Lands by the Kruleboyz. Tectonic changes have always been a part of life in Ghur and Thondia. But ever since the Kruleboyz plot to poisoned the country, they're more and more prevalent on this contingent. A start has been made to undo the poisoning by Sigmar's people. Many monsters find their lairs in the mountain ranges of this continent.[4a][4b]


It sits adjacent to its siblings Gallet and Andtor, which although lesser, represent an ever-present threat around its shifting borders, and the ancient land of Donse has yet to give up its fight. Beyond its coastline, Thondia's greatest rival is arguably Bjarl, a cold-hearted continent that has bit at its heels for centuries. Lendu is a more patient foe, but that perhaps makes it most dangerous of all - for a truly cunning beast knows how to disguise its intentions before striking.[1a]

Thondia is surrounded by several bodies of water: Clawing Sea, Crashing Gulf and Mawbright. The islands Mangrel Isle and The Ravenids can be found in these seas.[5a]




The folk of Thondia are by necessity a rugged breed. Most Thondians make a living as hunter of some sort. Those of other realms, often carry the impression that Thondians are little more than savages themselves, barbarians at heart. In truth, Thondians are innovative warriors, experts in the art of siege defense. None are more skilled than they when it comes to killing the great monsters of the realms.[5b]