The Road to Helsmarch (short story)

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The Road to Helsmarch
The Road to Helsmarch Cover 2023.jpg
Author(s) Luke Scull
Released April 11, 2023
Pages 36
ISBN 978-1-80407-386-5

The Road to Helsmarch is a Dawnbringers Week short story by Luke Scull.[1]


A pair of thieves take up the Coin Malleus and join a Dawnbringer Crusade to escape justice in Hammerhal. But the relics they stole ensure that evil accompanies the marching Freeguild...[1]


This short story was part of The Dawnbringers Week 2023 eShort Subscription bundle, that contained five short stories focusing on the denizens of the Free Cities and their crusades to reconquer the Mortal Realms.[2]