The Realmgate Wars: Great Red (short story)

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Great Red
Great Red Audio Cover.jpg
Author(s) David Guymer
Released May 2016

Great Red is a short story by David Guymer. It was released in audio format in May 2016 and as ebook format in the anthology The Realmgate Wars: Mortarch of Night in late 2016.


The hunt for Mannfred von Carstein takes the Hallowed Knights and Astral Templars far into the hazardous Sea of Bones. It is here that Ramus of the Shadowed Soul and Vandalus, the ‘King of Dust’, meet a worthy foe: the Ironjawz. Led by the fearsome Great Red, this orruk tribe sees the intrusion of the Stormcasts as a challenge. War against the orruks would threaten their mission, so Ramus and Vandalus set out to broker an alliance – but Ironjawz only value strength and, to appease their savage nature, the Hallowed Knights and the Astral Templars must prove they are mighty enough to be considered allies...[1]