The Flayed

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Iconic representation of The Flayed

The Flayed are a Bloodbound Warhorde comprised of deranged killers who exult in the ruination of their enemies and the taking of trophies from their mutilated remains. When they enter battle, their bone armour - crafted from the skeletons of those they butchered - soon become drenched in crimson gore. Long have The Flayed haunted the wilds of the Eightpoints, preying upon the armies of the Everchosen and anyone else foolish enough to enter that benighted land.[1a]


The Flayed are led by Lord of Khorne Ghorun Thrax. The pale giant speaks only in battle and none of his followers can understand his ancient tongue, but his every word sends the Flayed into an unstoppable frenzy.[1b]


They make their camps in the Ruinscar Plains west of the Varanspire, a land plagued by a horrific variety of blood-hungry predators, among them corpse-dwelling meatwasps, thorned ravagers, rogue Slaughterbrutes and countless other horrors. It is a place where the baleful influence of the Blood God holds sway, suffusing every speck of land with boiling rage.[1a]

As well as hunting the Chaos-twisted fauna of their homeland, The Flayed often accompany the infernal legions of the Everchosen to war, following Archaon’s forces through the great arcways to ravage and despoil distant lands. They also prey upon fellow worshippers of the Dark Gods, slaughtering isolated warbands and using the bones of their most memorable kills to craft their ivory armour. [1a]


The Flayed craft their armour from the bones of those they have slain.[2a] The creation of the armour is a sacred act to the warriors of the Warhorde. They carve harsh runes into the osseous surface of their battle plate, marking the manner in which they acquired each bone. It is believed that when splattered with the fresh blood of their foes, these ritual markings channel the wrath of Khorne and imbue the bearer with fearsome resilience and strength.[1a]

They frequently flay or rend their flesh before battle, staining their armour with red streaks.[1b][2a]


The Flayed made a major assault on the Arx Terminus of the Ossiarch Bonereapers shortly after the fortress was constructed. Three of their attempts made it past the walls before being thrown back, and one - led by Lord Thrax himself - even breached the gates of the Mortarch's Seat at the centre of the fortress. However, Lord Thrax sustained serious injuries in the assault, and bereft of his leadership, the horde retreated.[1b]


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