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The Thagduegi, or Great Betrayal, was a wave of ignoble traitorous acts that caused the Ancestor Gods to break apart at the beginning of the Age of Myth.[2a]


At the dawn of the Age of Myth, when Grimnir was resting from binding Ignax, a great evil befell the duardin's hundredfold Ancestor Gods.[2a]


The duardin pantheon broke apart.[2a]


Following the Thagduegi, Grimnir and Grungni were left chained atop the tallest of the Iron Mountains in Chamon.[2a][1a]


‘More than one dark legend has it that Grungni forged the chains that bound himself and his brother, though no Duardin living can say why.’

Yjurgen, Battlesmith of Vostarg Lodge. [3a]