Test of Wrath

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The Test of Wrath is a rite that a Fyreslayer can undergo to become Grimwrath Berzerkers. Only the Zharrgrim can carry out the ritual, which involves branding a Fyreslayer with dozens of Ur-Gold Runes. Auric Runemasters will often deny those seeking to undergo the test.[1a] Those who feel compelled to take the test become increasingly insistent following each refusal and should the compulsion persist, their bodies seem to begin to smoulder. It is often only then that a Runesmaster will agree to perform the ritual.[2a]


The Test of Wrath is an incredibly dangerous affair that very few Fyreslayers can survive; some who undergo the ritual are reduced to ash or driven to a bloodlust, so few priests of the Zharrgrim are willing to risk bringing such fates upon others. Only those warriors driven by an almost preternatural rage are accepted and even then only few survive to become Grimwrath Berserkers.[1a] Those who succeed in containing the power of the runes find the spirit of Grimnir awakening within them, becoming terrifying warriors who glow with divine power.[2a]