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Terrorpins are a species of turtle related to the monstrous, behemoth-sized Leviadons that the Idoneth Deepkin use as siege-beasts.


The Terrorpins of the Green Gulch have green shells and are large enough to pull wagons underwater.[1a]

The terrorpins of the swamps of Thondia are relatively small, but they are fearless and can inflict vicious bites with their razor-sharp beaks. More concerning, however, is that they make a great deal of noise on the attack; larger predators are often attracted to the commotion caused by a terrorpin attacking something it can't take down on its own, and the swamp-turtle is glad to let the bigger beast gorge on the majority of a kill if it gets the scraps.[4a]



Terrorpins are known to reside all across the Mortal Realms in places as widespread as the seas, such as the Green Gulch, of the Realm of Ghyran and the stinking swamps of the Realm of Ghur.[1a][2]


Some Terrorpins have been domesticated by the Idoneth of Briomdar, being used as beasts of burden.[1a]

As Food

The livers of Ghurish terrorpins are seen as a delicacy.[3a]