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This page contains spoilers for: Nagash: The Undying King (novel)

Tamra ven-Drak is High-Queen of the North in the Age of Chaos, transformed by Nagash into a Deathlord to command the Rictus Clans in his name


Her armour is an heirloom from the Age of Myth, which had belonged to her father, and had been handed down from one voivode of the Drak to the next for generations. A stylised serpent, once a vivid red but now a faded brown, marked its faceted surface. It was the symbol of a fallen kingdom, and of lost glories.[1a]


In the Age of Chaos she was born into the Drak, oldest of the highclans of the Rictus Clans who claimed the harsh lands thst clung to the frozen coasts of the Shivering Sea in the far north of Realm of Shyish. [1a]

Her lands were invaded by hordes of Rotbringers marching north who seemed disinclined to leave anything larger than a barrow-marker standing in their wake. Her people had been driven steadily northwards, until they’d had nowhere else to run. Her brother Sarpa led the gathered dead in a final defence of the living against the followers of Nurgle, but it was not enough. At the last moment however, she was saved by Neferata, Mortarch of blood and Blood Knights led by Lady Adhema and who bade her retreat with her people to the Mandible a great redoubt on the shores of the Rictus Sea. [1a]

Whilst they awaited the enemy, Neferata took her to the high crags to seek out the Prince of Crows, an Abhorrant Ghoul King who she knew of old. The Mortarch revealed the cave drawings that spoke of the ambitions of High-King Tarun and his five cousins – the Broken Kings who had stood against Nagash. [1b]

Arkhan joined the fight and sought to rouse his master in their defence, although the amused Neferata thought he was more interested in Tamra. [1b]

Neferata and Tamra found the Prince who thought Tamra was the long dead Queen Isa and revealed himself to be that long dead queen’s brother Rikan. Eventually Tamra convinced him to pledge his own court to the defence of those still living. [1c]

Despite the presence of two mortarch’s and the assistance of the dead, the fortress was overwhelmed and Tamra released the Broken Kings and their followers, in breach of the Law of Nagash. Shortly after, Nagash himself arose and he and the dead destroyed the Rotbringers and the Daemon horde they had summoned. [1d]

Then Nagash stood in judgement of Tamra and despite the pleas of both Neferata and Arkhan, pronounced her guilty. She and all those of her clan that still lived were slain and brought back to serve him in death. [1e]

The Wight King and fellow Deathlord Yaros of Dmezny pledged his troth to her but she refused.[2]


Even when alive she could feel the flicker of soulfire animating the dead [1a] and had formidable skills of necromancy, which had been passed down since her ancestor, Queen Isa, who had herself been taught by Neferata. [1c]


Nagash has hollowed her out and filled her with his power and she can no longer feel grief or joy. She can still feel a flicker of something in her dead people and hopes that with time, it might flourish again. [1e]


Rise, my people. And rise, deathlord. Rise and greet your people. They await your command, as they did in life. You wanted them to be safe, and so they are. You sought to usurp my dominion. But I am a merciful god. Now, you will protect them, and lead them into battle in my name. You will serve me in life and in death, as you proclaimed

~ Nagash to Tamra.[1e]


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